In light of our client Eurolife's new TV campaign, we organized an experiential activation at the Mall of Cyprus on Saturday, June 29th. Through a realistic setup resembling a home, we invited people to see and ultimately reflect on how prepared and aware they are for that moment, through three enjoyable challenges.

  • In the first room, the living room, there was an insurance advisor available to answer any questions the public might have about Eurolife's insurance programs.
  • In the second room, participants were asked to take clothes from a basket and fold/hang them in the wardrobe within 2 minutes.
  • In the third room, they were asked to change a diaper on a fake baby within 2 minutes.
  • In the fourth room, for their retirement party, they were asked to inflate 5 balloons with their mouth within 1 minute.  

Upon completing all three challenges, participants received a €20 voucher to redeem at stores in the mall.  
LOVE FM, along with its radio producers, handled the entertainment aspect through live links.