Stella Artois, Host One To Remember

About This Project




Objective: To showcase a multi-sensory experience of Stella Artois based on the taste sense aiming to unveil the brand uniqueness and elegance.

 Description: The campaign was based on a Digital PR approach.  A team of influencers’ was grouped coming from different industries (fashion, digital, fitness, acting) and involved in the project in order to generate virality and engage the audience group. A video production communicating the preparation of the Host One to Remember experience that was about to come with the chef and the influencers preparing the ideal food pairing menu with Stella Artois for a fine culinary experience (fine dining event).

The Digital campaign’s content created was surrounded by the preparation of Hosting one experience to remember, the event.

Organisation of a fine dining event, invite and follow up all guests, prepare the sitting arrangement, and the branding of the space.  Also, provide content guidelines of the chef’s speech, Charalambos Constantinou (chef). After event publicity has been a strongly communicated in social media columns, TV coverage and press releases.


  • Event Management & Set-up
  • Artwork Branding & Décor
  • Invitations
  • Speech
  • Post event video production
  • Influencers strategy
Digital PR/Social Media Communication