MEDIA RELATIONS - pr:partners
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“Oh, I wish I’d said that…”,

The media landscape has undergone major changes with the emergence of new, digital media and the convergence between social and traditional media. There is literally an explosion of information and a mass population of information sources, which can be both a blessing and a major challenge.

Our understanding is that clients need to tell their stories, otherwise someone else will do it for them… We also acknowledge that telling clients’ stories require an integrated approach, considering dynamics and targets for all media types: Traditional, Digital, Social and Owned.

In this context, we deploy various strategies designed to tell and amplify a story across all various media platform, as well as to create lasting and impactful relationships between companies/ brands and the media. 

At the core of our approach is our commitment to create useful and compelling content, as well as to use insights on how a story can be crafted and shared with the media and key opinion leaders and influencers. 

As a full-service communications agency, we “tie” media relations into everything we do for our clients. What’s more than that? We offer our strong relations, networking, leverage and alliances with media and key opinion leaders to make our clients’ stories distinct from anything else that’s out there…

Among others, our comprehensive media relations offering includes:

  • Press Office activities and materials
  • Editorial campaigns
  •  Media strategies and media mix specification
  • Trend monitoring and leveraging
  • Media monitoring, tracking and analysis 
  • Media Events, Press Visits, Journalists Meetings, Briefings