ABOUT THIS PROJECT Objective: We continued this successful recipe with ALPHA Cyprus, to connect with the female audience through one of the most loved shows in Cyprus and to give inspiration to them by showcasing relevant topics. Description: We coordinated a series of home improvement presentations on Christiana Aristotelous TV Show ‘Me agape Christiana’ on a weekly basis. The activity consisted of shootings set in different areas of the Leroy Merlin store, where Stathis Lambrou the interior designer of Leroy Merlin in Cyprus & Andreas Terlas the well-known interior designer were presenting the products of the season, giving the viewer essential tips on renovation, decoration & ‘DIY’ projects for their homes. Every week there was a different theme of presentation. The idea was to help the viewer relate more with home improvement projects, gain more ideas on how to renovate their space and promote the given products of the season and their use.