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“PR is performance recognition”
Douglas Smith

Now more than ever, a company’s employees are one of the most trusted sources of information and a key determinant of reputation and trust.

Based on this notion, we cooperate with companies to plan, execute and measure programs that effectively engage employees and, ultimately, foster business performance. Because, after all, great results come from great teams.

Strong employee engagement and loyalty drives a number of business results, including financial success, better customer experience, an aligned corporate culture, better working performance and improved talent attraction and retention.

To help our clients arrive at these outcomes, we create programs that fundamentally strengthen three core connections that all employees must have to succeed: with their company, with their peers and with the world outside the company.

Among others, our service offering includes:

• Internal Communication Strategies
• Teambuilding events
• Training events and seminars
• Employee ambassador programs
• Internal branding
• Content creation for internal audiences