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“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing”
John D. Rockfeller.

They say that when “a butterfly moves its wings in the Amazon, it might bring rain in China…” That’s the “butterfly effect” and we believe that’s real, especially for corporations and investors…

In today’s world and globalized economy, where state economies and the markets are interrelated, a small change in the environment can bring significant effects and it’s essential for companies to align financial and other communications across the shareholder, stakeholder, media and policy landscape.

At pr:partners, we work seamlessly with clients from the financial industry and leading companies in the market to secure this alignment, as well as to deliver the most appropriate strategies and messages, in ways that resonate with the full range of stakeholders that matter for the generation of value and the achievement of business success.

We are consultants of listed and private companies that seek to communicate their business and investment agenda, their business value proposition and their impact in the markets where they operate.

Being a full-service PR agency, with seasoned professionals and capabilities ranging from internal communications to crisis management and media relations, we not only help companies tell the right stories on things done right, but also to build and protect their reputation amidst turbulent times, to position themselves among the financial community, to improve understanding of business performance and maintain a steady flow of information to key media and the financial markets.