EVENT MANAGEMENT - pr:partners
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Who doesn’t Enjoy an impeccably orchestrated Event?!

We are passionate for delivering outspoken events: Launch Events, Promotions, Conferences, Experiential Marketing Events, Fashion Shows, Store Openings, Internal Events, Tradeshows, Sponsorships, Press Conferences & Media Events, Bloggers Events, Gala Events, Charity Functions… you name it. We will always be your Plus 1; supporting you as consultants and allies to create from scratch an impressive newsworthy event!

Apart from the strategic planning & concept development of the event, our main objectives are to implement a detailed activity plan of the event including all services, such as:

  • Turn-Key Event Solutions,
  • Creative Design,
  • Creative Branding,
  • Set Design,
  • Production Planning & Execution,
  • Special Constructions,
  • Interactive Software Development,
  • Audio Visual Content,
  • BTL, ATL Creative Material Dissemination
  • Direct Marketing,
  • Technical Supervision,
  • Event Risk Management,
  • Event Direction,
  • Stage Management,
  • Crowd Management
  • Catering and tailor made Menu Dispatch of invitations and follow up
  • The communication plan of the event (pre/ during/post)
  • Invitation of VIPs, KOLs, Media & Bloggers