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Strong Relationships are like a well-cared for blooming garden

Social Media channels are the new norm, and every Internet user is a potential opinion influencer. Based on the recent digital global review, almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone.

Digital Media are enhanced with close interaction and interplay, and people like to start a dialogue about what they like at any given moment. Brands and corporations ought to find better ways to stay ahead of the game, engage stronger and offer dedicated, quality products and experiences to consumers. After all, this is the Digital Life! At pr:partners we have a wide range of long-lasting relationships with KOLs, social influencers, bloggers and Youtubers that could fit your brand or company and create an “outside” campaign with engaging and appealing content.

Social Media Consulting & Management

Yes, we can Sleigh the beast…

Social Media is undoubtedly the new Lingua Franca. All these potential clients, but also coworkers, out there are simply too precious to be left alone. There are tips and tricks to work with them, approach, and influence them to your advantage.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Speaking Fluently the social media Language.

In this world, ad campaigns are built and cultivated completely differently. We follow the trends, buzz words, concepts, and likes of the social media followers and evolve from there!

Instagram & Influencers Collaborations

A Story can tell a thousand Words.

Social Networks, such as Instagram, can form their own trends, sway, followers everywhere. Literary thousands of accounts are filled every minute with all kinds of photos, stories, selfies, real-life moments. Being able to collaborate with such users-influencers, gives a brand an interesting content.

Blogger Relations

Blogger Outreach is equally important as Conventional PR.

Everyone, who has its own blog or vlog and a prestigious number of followers, can help a brand. By creating a positive relation with the right bloggers, we ensure that your business gets the attention and reviews it needs, engaging at the same time with your potential customers in an interactive and productive way.

Blogger & Influencer Management

All you need is the Right Recipe & social people willing to…

Tag Along

All the bloggers out there can be transformed into the most powerful advocates of your brand! pr:partners are the most savy and networked agency in the field of bloggers and influencers community. We have a vast collaboration with fashion, food, sports, travel and beauty bloggers. With the right management, bloggers and other consumer influencers can become a powerful tool towards the growth of your voice and community