For one more time we stood by CYTA, organising a day full of Christmas magic spirit in combination with a children’s charity event at the Mall of Cyprus, in 13 December 2019. The goal of the occurrence was the financial support of Detection Program of Audition for Neonates, of the Centre of Preventive Paediatrics of Cyprus. For the requirements of this event, a Christmas workshop was built inside the Mall in which the Santa Claus’ elves were making crafts , while the children were sending letters to Santa through the service  “post2santa” with the help of  Santa Claus. For every letter that was sent , CYTA offered 1 euro to the program that was mentioned above. In this happening ,  we had the responsibility of the whole management , the creative ideas and the implementation , as well as a  full  publicity plan , during which we sent press release and cooperated with our associate influencers , succeeding huge exposure of the event.