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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”
Warren Buffet.

Corporate reputation and trust are a company’s most important assets, and must be managed carefully – especially in today’s complex environment, in which corporations face increasingly well-informed stakeholders and news and corporate developments travel around in an instant, through both traditional and new media.

In this backdrop, corporate communications programs must be poised to respond to stakeholders’ expectations, proactively safeguard a company’s reputation from potentially dangerous issues and disruptions, while supporting long-term growth and market goals.

At pr:partners, we help enterprises determine, promote, amplify and demonstrate in action their real identity, their corporate brand and values, through holistic campaigns and actionable concepts that resonate with their target- audiences, with consistency and transparency.

CEO Reputation & Leadership Communications

“Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things”
Peter Drucker

Today, the public is skeptical about CEOs and high-ranked corporate executives. Everyday people feel that these executives are either non-relatable or too focused on short-run or even that they live in their own world. On the other hand, CEOs and high-ranked executive are considered to play a key role in how the reputation and the profile of a company will be shaped. They are viewed to represent a company’s public face.
The public’s demand is simple: They want today’s leaders to be more visible, humane and accessible, with a clear vision and a focus beyond their companies.

At pr:partners, we work with CEOs and leading executives to help shape their personal and their company’s story and reputation, as well as build meaningful relationships with their stakeholders. We do this by developing platforms and content that positions executives in an authentic and personal manner, while at the same time promoting their company’s business objectives, expertise and corporate brand identity.

Brand Positioning & Strategies

Brand = Personality

To put it simply, brand positioning is the art of positioning your brand in customers’ and stakeholders’ minds and hearts. For us, it’s not just a process, it’s art and science, it’s sense and sensibility, it’s thinking rationally and using our brains creatively – and all these, working together as one.

Our approach is to identify and attempt to “own” a niche for a brand, by deploying the most appropriate strategies and leveraging opportunities wherever they may be – inside or outside of an organization. The goal is simple: to create a unique impression in the target-audiences’ minds, so that they can create associations with your brand and make it distinct from anything else that’s out there.

And after all that, we step in further to help companies creatively and uniquely tell their story – that’s what we do and how we make it work.