Café la Μode 20 years celebration

Our client Café la Μode celebrated with us their 20 years celebration with a brunch for media people at Café la Mode Acropolis. Our aim was to make that event an unforgettable experience for both the team of Café la Μode and the media people as well as to create a great publicity around the event. To make it happen: - We created a cosy Christmas atmosphere around the brunch table. - The event had a charity character with Mrs. Artemis Antoniades making a donation of 5000 euros to the “Elpida” Foundation for kids with cancer. - In order to engage our guests emotionally, we asked them to give us some wishes for the children hosted in the Makarios Children’s Hospital. Our calligrapher put those wishes on paper and made frames to decorate the “Elpida” Foundation for children with cancer. The event publicity that was generated in the Press was strongly communicated on social columns, magazines, newspapers and TV coverage.