On Monday, 19/06, at Taratsa By High & Wet in Nicosia, we executed the ultimate media event of the year under the title 'The Absolut media mix event.' The entire media community accepted the invitation sent on behalf of Absolut and Tempo Cyprus, its official representative in Cyprus, thereby embracing the central message of the campaign, which revolves around the idea of mixing ingredients to create the perfect cocktail. The highlight of the evening was the introduction of attendees to the extravagant personas of the diverse world of Absolut Cocktails, personified through dynamic, attractive traits that align harmoniously when mingled. At the ultimate event, the Espresso Martini, the Mule, the Bloody Mary, and the Cosmo were seen mingling with other guests, as the venue filled with colorful characters and different personalities that blended together, just like the cocktails they represented.