ABSOLUT influencers campaign

What if you dare to be you? What if you dare to love him? What if you dare to love her? What if you dare to stand out? What if you dare to try again?   These were our main messages that came out for our ABSOLUT campaign in Cyprus that was addressed to a generation which even though they leave in an ‘open’ society in comparison with the past, a lot of members simultaneously experience social exclusion due to their diversity. One diversification example can either be from the appearance of an individual or their way of life it can make them experience old stereotypes or narrow-minded opinions of an older generation. With this campaign, the famous brand urged the society to dare to be their selves, to love the diversification of any individual, to love whoever they want, and to chase their dreams without any worries and fears. Influencers called their followers with their posts and stories to visit the website to discover and learn about the art works of the four Cypriot artist’s who created the campaign art, to learn  more about the campaign but also to participate in the competition for the ELROW Music Festival in Barcelona.