Public Relations: An ace up a company’s sleeve

Public Relations: An ace up a company’s sleeve

I have to admit my belief that, even to this day, the Public Relations sector is quite underestimated, mainly by small and medium sized enterprises. Most of the business world is not really aware of how Public Relations can benefit their company. Even marketing and sales professionals do not really ‘get’ how this sector fits in their marketing strategies. Let’s walk though it to understand it then; and by the time you are finished reading this article you will know, that there’s so much more to Public Relations than parties and cocktails.

The PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) considers Public Relations as a crucial element of a communication strategy, aiming to benefit both the company and its customers. PR’s key role is to create and sustain the right image for a business or a brand.

To make this happen, you must first play your cards right and this, is something you can do both ways: either by supporting or strengthening an advertising campaign, or by giving Public Relations methods a leading role in the communication process, with no use of advertising.

With Public Relations being my passion for 14 years, I think every business that cares about its image and its exposure, must realize the importance of PR. This is especially true for businesses that want to improve their image, but also how this image is presented by the media and on the internet. With the right content, by selecting the right exposure channels and the right PR practitioners as their partner, Public Relations can be ‘the ace up your sleeve’.

Public Relations sector is the creative industry of the future, which requires a harmonious synchronization of all communication specialties, with maximum performance demanded today more than ever before. Today as the market recovers, we see a tremendous improvement of the businesses world; a fact that makes a PR practitioner, an indispensable component of a business, a partner who focuses on providing flawless services. Being able to thoroughly look at client’s needs, exploit research data, design effective offline & online communications and PR solutions based on excellent communication techniques, while exploiting the dynamic world of interaction between new media and the audience.

We can all realize the dramatic change of the way businesses operate, along with their demands and needs when it comes to choosing a Public Relations agency. The audience is now more skeptical towards the messages they receive, a fact that calls for the need for businesses to change. To become bold, honest, transparent, to have a clear message and appealing content. Companies need to create a special bond with their audience and let it know, that they ‘pay it forward’ by giving back to the society.

As a PR agency we owe to be constantly aligned with the trends as society restructures. To operate as the ‘catalysts’ for our clients, to bridge the gap between them and their audience with creativity at all communication levels, using all available tactics and channels. A strategic eye, specific targeting, high quality services and efficient use of new means of communication, are a few of the key requirements a business expects from a specialized pr practitioner.

The communication market has made very significant changes in recent years and is continuing to shift towards a more integrated model, requiring companies to ensure an integrated approach to paid, owned, shared and earned media. As Public Relations professionals we are faced with a constant challenge: we need to constantly evolve, understand the changing needs and respond to them with creativity, strategic thinking and efficiency. We must think before our clients, for our clients. We need to take risks, overturn the data and act as their driving force.

With the business environment constantly changing, services such as internal communication are now imperative. After restructuring plans or administrative realignments, the management of ‘in house’ issues and crises are vital for a company, since it boosts their workforce and cultures professional efficiency. At the same time, the speed at which information moves due to social media and digital media, along with the increasing use of new media, multiply the need for digital PR communication, native content creation, social media management, and relationship development with influencers or even celebrity endorsement.

In the core of it all lies strategic thinking, targeted communication and tailored made actions for the brand’s audience. That is of course, if you are in business with a specialized PR agency that can make it happen.


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