For our client OPAP Cyprus we organized an event on the afternoon of Saturday 17/12, where a crowd of people flooded the closed stadium "Tassos Papadopoulos-Eleftheria" to watch the 10th OPAP All Star Game - I PLAY BY RULES-I DRIVE BY RULES. The popular radio producer and journalist, Petros Polychronides, who was especially loved through the TV game "Wheel of Fortune", presented the event with fun and enthusiasm, with the assistance of Savvas Koshiaris and Herodotos Miltiadous. The appearance of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra, the dancing skills of the young members of the Antigone Tassouri Dance Academy, the top basketball players competing in the OPAP Basket League, the former Greek international Dimitris Diamantidis and Jorge Garbajosa, the president of the Spanish Basketball Federation and the top in the world basketball acrobats Crazy Dunkers caused admiration and excitement to the spectators! Of course, the great celebration of sports and life could not miss the Cypriot athletes who honor our country internationally with their awards, Andreas Kariolou, Andri Eleftheriou, Kalia Antoniou, Nikolas Antoniou, Nikolas Vassiliou, Ilias Georgiou, Marilena Makri, Natasa Lappa, Panagiota Andreou and Nektaria Panagi.