“Cyprus Tomorrow” - Mall Activations

  Our country is embarking on a dynamic new journey through the “Cyprus Tomorrow” National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with reforms and measures that will improve our daily lives. On Saturday 5th November we hosted another event for the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus at the Mall of Cyprus, where the public could learn about the National Plan in a fun and interactive way. We created a 4-screen installation showing the “Cyprus Tomorrow” showcase video. Our installation also incorporated a QR code that led to the “Cyprus Tomorrow” website where the public could access more information. Promoters wearing T-shirts with our QR codes on them encouraged passers-by to engage with them and the website and invited them to play our specifically designed trivia game consisting of 8 multiple choice questions about “Cyprus Tomorrow”. Contestants could win a selection of prizes based on their performance. At the event, through a collaboration with 2 popular radio stations, 2 live links played music and informed the public about the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Many Ministers joined our event and even took part in our trivia game. The event was such a success and so well received that the President of the Republic of Cyprus asked us to hold another one at the Nicosia Mall on 12th December.